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Civil engineering has a global approach to construction, gathering the sectors of public works (roads and highways) building and building services.
The building activities can be divided into two sectors :

structural work which includes every bearing structure of a building (foundations, framework, walls, roof structures...made out of timber, concrete or steel...)

the finishing which includes the setting of every functional, comfort and esthetical elements (air conditioning, heating system, electricity, acoustics...). The finishing is itself divided into 5 subsectors:
  • building services (HVAC...)     
  • woodwork
  • roofing and plumbing
  • finishing touches
  • electricity
Public works

The public works sector is related to the building of infrastructures that connect people within a country and ensures the lasting of the structure.

  • construction work (bridges, dams,...)
  • general excavations
  • underground work (tunnels)
  • sea work
  • roadwork
  • railway work
  • public health work


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