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Student lifeDiscovering the IUT and Toulouse

Hello to you dear student!

You did not end up on this page by chance; here you will find the answers to the main questions you have been asking yourself. You chose to study here in Toulouse and we are going to guide you through it. Let’s go!

Useful documents


Student housing
You can either ask for a student « Crous » room in Toulouse or inquire at the CRIJ.
The Crous is the National department of scholarships and is therefore responsible for the University accommodation. You must be a French student to benefit from this accommodation or have a University agreement with our IUT. To help you with your choice we will soon give an exhaustive list of accommodation opportunities together with prices.
Along the Crous housing there will also be a list of private rentals and residences, with the different financial helps you can get…

The Pastel card

There are many means of easy transport here in Toulouse that the Pastel card gives you access to.
It’s a personal electronic smartcard that enables you to purchase, stock and use travel passes within the Midi-Pyrénées Region (TER- train and TISSEO-bus, metro and tramway)…
Your personal details are saved (name/surname/age/address). You may also be eligible for a refund or replacement if your card is lost or stolen.

CAUTION: Remember to keep the bill of your travel passes in case your card is lost or stolen.

You’ll be charged 8 EUR for the Pastel card.
Each time you enter the bus/metro/tramway simply place your card in front of the ticket puncher which will always state the amount left and the validity of your passes.

Who issues your Pastel card?

Any Tisseo agency (Marengo-SNCF, Jean Jaurès, Capitole et Basso-Cambo) or you can get it through the internet by filling out a form that you’ll be asked to return to one of the Toulouse agencies :

Where to put credit on your card?

In the vending machines in every metro station and Tisseo agencies (Marengo-SNCF, Jean Jaurès, Capitole et Basso-Cambo) where you can also buy the card.


In case you want to visit France during school vacations we advise to buy a “12-25” card at the SNCF (French railway).

Métro, Tram-way and Bus

Maps, itinararies, schedules and more to be discovered at

Vélô Toulouse (bicycle rental)

 Vélô Toulouse is a self-serve system open 24h/24. You can subscribe or make a one time use.
Your attention must be called upon the fact that a credit card is needed for a one time use and a minimum of 300 euros must figure on your bank account.
The first half-hour of each rental is free, then a fee is applied. Stations are located every 300 meters or so downtown.
If you have a Tisseo Pastel card you can have 5 euro discount on the annual fee. You also have a direct access to the bicycles with your Pastel card, hence your credit card is not required.
For more information please check:

Student card
 The student card stands for your ID and can sometimes be asked to sit for an exam. We strongly advise you to keep it with you at all times.
But more than an ID it’s also a credit card and you can pay for your meals in the University cafeteria, buy coffee in self-vending machines at the IUT as well as call from a phone booth or pay for parking…
Many stores also accept this card for payment.
You can put credit on it and recharge in some banks as well as in the University cafeteria.
All information is available at “Moneo”.
 There are many cafeterias around Paul Sabatier University. We advise you to keep your student card (which is also the Moneo card) with you to benefit from the cafeteria fast-lines.
Cafétéria du Tripode C
Restaurant Universitaire de Rangueil 1
Restaurant Universitaire de Rangueil 2
Restaurant Universitaire de Rangueil 3
Printing system
Each Civil Engineering student benefits from a credit of 60 prints per year. Each time you wish to print out from a computer of our department there is no need for a card, a simple message will appear on your screen notifying you of the amount left on your account.
If you need to print out more than what the IUT offers you, you can always buy a printing CORREP card at the library which enables you to print in any library on the Toulouse campus including the CR-Doc, which is just across our department.
Studying facilities
Civil Engineering classes mostly take place in the Civil Engineering building, but the lectures are dispensed at the GEA or GCGP building.
All the exams are taken in the exam room in the Civil Engineering building.
Different types of classes
You will have lectures, tutorial works as well as practical works and workshops in smaller groups.
Through the first year of the DUT you will go on one or two site visits with your classmates and teachers.


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