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Pilot of a building site or part of it on big sites, he/she conducts and coordinates the works in the following sectors:
- Technique
- Intern and extern relations
- Work force management
- Contract management
- Administration
- Hygiene and safety/Quality
- Innovation

He/she is responsible for the contact with the client as well as abiding by the deadline and the quality of the work.
In order to perform this job, foresight, organization and adaptability are necessary. Great technical strictness must be provided; prevention and security reflexes are expected as well as ability in commanding and good public relations.
The work of a project manager offers a real professional enrichment. The job never becomes a routine. The autonomy and diversity of the building sites and the numerous relations enhanced are the most enriching in this work.
The site manager is in charge of the day to day organization of the site or part of the site depending on its size.
 He/she is responsible for the good carrying out of the work while sticking to the technical and financial goals established by his/her superior.  

He/she sees that orders, standards and regulations are followed, especially concerning security.

He/she handles and leads the teams and controls and organizes their work. He/she insures the administration follow up and the professional development.

He/she takes part in :
-The technical choices
-The preparation and organization of construction sites,
-The making of teams

He/she also ensures in all building sectors the link between the work force and his/her hierarchy.
He/she must have anticipating skills and a great sense of organization. He/she has to be able to adapt, have authority and a great taste for human relations…

To be able to master this position from all points of view, you have to count an average of a five year period within this job.
The CAD Technician is the one that produces the plans used in each and every step of the construction.
These plans are not static for the site is full of inevitable surprises which cause multiple changes in the architect’s first plans.
Throughout the construction the designer will work as a mediator who transcribes the engineer’s vision.
Depending on his/her training and his/her experience, the designer can have different jobs in a design office. He can be the project designer, in charge of the more detailed plans or the CAD technician, more qualified hence in charge of analyzing the different problems that could be encountered during the construction.
He/she usually supervises and handles a group of designers.


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